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How do I read my bill?

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How do I read my bill?

Page 1

Page 1

  1. Important Messages
    Long Lines will communicate important messages to customers here.
  2. Account Number
    You will need your account number to set up an online account.
  3. Previous Balance
    Shows the balance from your previous bill and the payment received when this bill was processed.
  4. Past Due Balance
    This will be listed if your account balance is past due.
  5. Total Current Charges
    Total charges this month, see page 3 for details.
  6. Total Due
    This amount includes your current charges and any past due balances.
  7. Past Due Warning
    This reminder will only be shown if your account is past due.
  8. Contact Us
    You can contact Customer Service these ways.
Page 2

Page 2

  1. Change your name or mailing address
    Fill out and return this section with your payment to update your account information.
  2. Debit/Credit Card Payment
    Fill out and return this section to charge your current bill to your credit/debit card.
  3. Automatic Withdrawal from Checking
    Fill out and return this section to set up automatic withdrawal.
  4. Contact Customer Care
    Learn about the best way to contact Customer Care.
  5. Frequently Asked Questions
    The frequently asked questions about our bills are listed here for your convenience.
Page 3

Page 3

  1. Landline Phone charges
    Total charges for your landline phone numbers.
  2. Partial month charges
    These are prorated charges from the first day you signed up for service until the end of the month.
  3. Full month charges for bundle
    This shows the total charges for your bundle.
  4. Total Bundled Service Charges
    Total charges for landline Phone, Cable TV and High Speed Internet.
  5. Wireless charges by phone number
    An overview of charges for each phone number.
  6. Overall voice usage
    The number of minutes used by all lines.
  7. Overall data usage
    The amount of picture messages, data, content and downloads used by all lines.
  8. Wireless plan charges
    This details the charges for the first 2 lines of your plan.
Page 4

Page 4

  1. Charges and usage for third Wireless phone
    See what plan options each line has and their voice and data usage.
  2. Charges and usage for fourth Wireless phone
    See what plan options each line has and their voice and data usage.
  3. Charges and usage for fifth Wireless phone
    See what plan options each line has and their voice and data usage.
Page 5

Page 5

  1. Subtotal of services
    This shows the subtotal of all your service this month, including any partial month charges.
  2. Taxes and surcharges
    This is a detailed list of any taxes and surcharges on your services, which will vary by location.
  3. Total current charges
    This is total amount your account has been charged, including taxes and surcharges.



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