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Digital Cable

Including FREE HD!

That's right, our growing High-Definition programming is now included with our Digital Cable service for FREE! We've eliminated the confusion of multiple lineups and pricing so you can enjoy the incredible sharpness and detail of High-Definition programming.

With over 50 high-definition channels, you can see for yourself the incredible sharpness and detail of all your favorite shows in high definition. All you need is your high-definition TV set and Long Lines Digital Cable service.

HDTV Features

• Enjoy a widescreen picture with a 16:9 display compared to the 4:3 display with standard programming.

• High definition is all about the picture quality. The crisp picture lets you see every blade of grass by displaying six times as many pixels as analog programming.

• With HD, you can enjoy your favorite programs with clear Dolby Digital sound.


Our technicians will deliver and install your digital box, which will allow you to receive digital programming on your television. Digital boxes are provided for a $9.95 monthly charge for the first box and $7.95 for the second. Cable cards are available for $2.95 per month.


A DVR (Digital Video Recorder) puts you in control of your television. Record your favorite shows and watch them when it's convenient for you. When life interrupts, you can pause live tv for up to an hour. Two shows at the same time? No problem! Watch one now and record the other for later. Take back control for only $15.95 per month with a DVR.


If you have an older TV or a flat screen that does not have a QAM tuner, you need a DTA for $0.99 per month. If you want to add premium channels or the Sports Tier you need a Premiun DTA , only $3.95 per month, to receive HD signals.