Perfect for small businesses.

DSL & Cable Modems

DSL and Cable Modems are two types of Internet connections great for small businesses, with speeds up to 8 MB. Similar in capabilities, the location and size of your business will determine whether a DSL or Cable Modem will best fit your business and usage needs.

DSL Modem

A DSL Modem is used to connect a your computer to a DSL phone line in order to provide Internet service. Our DSL Modem allows you to be connected to the Internet and still use the phone line for voice calls.

Cable Modem

A Cable Modem is used to connect your computer to our advanced fiber-optics network to provide Internet service. Cable modems provide service that is always avaiable, without tying up your phone line.

Your location is a major factor in deteremining whether a DSL or Cable Modem is best for your business. Contact our Business Team to learn more about your business' options.

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