Code of Business Conduct

This Code of Business Conduct is a statement by Long Lines, LLC of the way we do business: how we interact with governmental officials and the communities where we provide our services, how we interact with our customers and our suppliers, and how we interact with each other as members of the Long Lines family. The Code reflects a commitment to Midwestern values of honesty, decency, tolerance, and integrity that are the foundation of our work and of who we are.

The Code sets forth straight-forward and common sense standards of conduct and ethics that we all know, but it is nevertheless important to state clearly that observing these standards is as important to the success of Long Lines as maximizing the company's profits and providing innovative and high-quality services to our customers.

This Code applies to everyone who works at Long Lines, from the Chairman of the Board of Managers to the newest employee. A violation of the Code hurts all of us, not just the individuals directly involved, because it diminishes our reputation and image with others.

Public Responsibilty.

We will:

  • treat all public officials with respect
  • deal honestly and fairly with all governmental agencies
  • comply with all regulations and rules of the Iowa Utilities Board, the Federal Communications Commission, and the municipalities in which Long Lines operates
  • ensure that all filings made on behalf of Long Lines are accurate, complete, and fairly describe the matters reported
  • maintain a safe and healthy work environment
  • cooperate with all investigations or inquiries

Avoiding Conflicts of Interest.

We will seek to avoid situations where our personal interests conflict with, or create the appearance of a conflict with, the business interests of Long Lines. We will not, without prior permission from the company:

  • accept compensation for services performed for Long Lines from any source other than the company
  • have a substantial interest in an entity that does business with Long Lines or seeks to do business with Long Lines
  • have a substantial interest in a business that competes with Long Lines or intends to compete with Long Lines
  • engage in any outside business or employment during business hours
  • disclose confidential Long Lines information to a third party for personal gain
  • seek to profit from a business opportunity that became known through use of company information or position.

Relations with Customers and Suppliers.

We will:

  • provide customers with quality service at fair prices
  • deal with customers and suppliers honestly, fairly, and courteously
  • resolve customer and supplier complaints quickly and honestly

We will not:

  • disclose private customer information
  • make false or misleading statements to customers, suppliers, or other third parties
  • make false or misleading statements about our competitors
  • take unfair advantage of our customers, suppliers, or other third parties through use of, or a threat to use, private or confidential information, withholding information, or other unfair practices
  • solicit or accept gifts or money from our suppliers.

Use of Long Lines's Assets, Facilities, and Services.

We will not use any Long Lines assets, including proprietary information about Long Lines or its facilities or services, for any unlawful or improper purpose. Specifically, we will not:

  • make a payment on behalf of Long Lines to a public official or other person to secure a governmental action or to obtain business
  • without permission, use Long Lines property, equipment, or facilities, including company vehicles, computer networks, telephone systems, and internet access, for other than company business purposes
  • use Long Lines property, equipment, or facilities to communicate offensive racial, sexual, or other remarks, slurs, or obscenities
  • without permission, disclose our customers' private information
  • without permission, remove confidential or proprietary information from Long Lines offices or facilities
  • without proper authorization, make financial or other commitments on behalf of the company.

Respect for Each other as Individuals.

It is the policy of Long Lines to provide equal employment opportunities in compliance with all state and federal law and regulations. All Long Lines employees will treat each other with respect and courtesy. We will not:

  • tolerate any harassment in any form -- verbal, physical, or visual -- of any person by any person
  • tolerate discrimination in any form -- whether based upon race, gender, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, or other factors -- against any person by any person
  • possess or be under the influence of unlawful substances on Long Lines property or while conducting Long Lines business anywhere
  • pose a safety hazard to ourselves or others by attempting to work while under the influence of alcohol or other legal, but impairing, substances.